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Gordon Achtermann, CFP®

Your Guide In a Changing Landscape

Your life is complicated. I specialize in helping families navigate the challenges of their peak earning years.

Together, we will 

   - organize your finances,

   - protect and grow your assets,

   - and give you peace of mind that you are on your best path

so that you can focus on what you do best and what matters most. 

Welcome To Your Best Path!

Welcome To Your Best Path!

Fee-Only Financial Planning in Fairfax, VA  serving clients here and Nationwide.

That's me in the picture of the rapids, the one in the middle with my paddle still in the water. I treasure this picture from my 20s because it reminds me that although I can't foretell the future, when things get tough I have always been really good at keeping my head and figuring out what to do. I'll be there for you, with the tools and experience to keep you moving forward toward your financial and life goals.

At Your Best Path Financial Planning, I provide comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning, and investment management. 

I serve clients as a fiduciary at all times and never take compensation from anyone, at any time, other than fees the client agrees to in advance. 

I am a leader in the movement to align investing with values and was in the first class to receive the CSRIC® designation - the only certification for study in the SRI/ESG discipline.

Who We Serve

I specialize in families and individuals in their peak earning years or heading into
retirement - times when the complexities of your financial life peak.

I prefer working with people who want their investments to reflect their values.

Whether your family is traditional or not,
Whatever your marrital status,

I have the expertise, the experience and the tools to take your financial life from
a source of stress to a source of strength.

What We Charge: 3 Options - Your Choice

Long-Term Relationship

The most effective planning relationship is an ongoing arrangement, because the value of advice increases with time and familiarity.

My fee is 2% of your household income* for the first year and 1% of household income* each year after that.

You get the complete comprehensive planning service with consistent, timely support throughout the year. 

*Household income is calculated from your most recent IRS form 1040, plus any Roth IRA withdrawals or deferred compensation.

Investment Management

I also offer an alternative for clients who wish to delegate more: investment management billed as a percentage of assets, with ongoing comprehensive financial planning included for no additional fee.


 * Negotiable.

One-Time Plan

Like a consultant, lawyer, or accountant, I offer an hourly fee for service option.

  • $275/hour for comprehensive plans (12 hours or more)
  • $300/hour for limited-scope financial plans or consultations.

My advice is very specific and customized to your situation with comprehensive plans covering the complete range of financial concerns. 

Periodic updates can then be scheduled at your desired frequency. 

Regardless of the fee option you choose, I will guide you in investing in harmony with your values. These are not cookie cutter model portfolios, but customized to your unique combinations of goals, risk tolerance, tax situation, and values.


Each word in our name is, by itself, a declaration of our values:


Every one of us has a unique story.

Your financial plan should be connected to and reflect your unique story. So to give you the best advice, I need to know where you come from. I need to know not just where you want to go but why you want to go there.

Because telling you what to do without knowing the reason why behind your financial goals would be like deciding you should take a train before knowing where you want to go.

When we get acquainted, I will take the time to listen to you and hear you – your values, your dreams, your story – with empathy and optimism. The way forward will be uniquely, distinctly yours.


There really is a BEST business model for financial advice.
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Financial planning is a journey. 

Like a hike up a mountain, there will be some work involved. 

You will have to gather information and talk about your present situation and your goals for the future. Trade-offs will have to be weighed. 

But in the end, you will have a clear view of the road ahead, the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have this handled, and a guide along the path with you, scanning the horizon for danger and carrying a pack full of tools and a mind full of experience. 

I have been quoted in these websites and print publications.

I have been quoted in these websites and print publications.

I hope you enjoy exploring my site.

When you are ready, click the button below to access my calendar and select a time for us to talk on the phone or meet over Zoom.

There is never a fee or obligation for our time getting to know if we are a good fit to work together. 

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Coronavirus Update:

At Your Best Path Financial Planning, we are fully capable of meeting all your client needs via web-based video meetings, cloud-based file sharing, and other solutions that have been in place since the foundation of our business. We will never compromise on the security of your data nor the health and safety of our clients, colleagues, and loved ones.

Upon request, we are able to resume in-person meetings with individuals who are fully vaccinated. 

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