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A comprehensive financial plan serves as a blueprint for your financial life.

A comprehensive financial plan serves as a blueprint for your financial life.

We will guide you through a discovery process to define your future goals and help you avoid your blind spots (everyone has some.)

As your fiduciary, we will focus on the biggest drivers of financial success and work to minimize your investor costs.

A comprehensive plan covers a lot of topics - not just insurance (risk management) and investment planning, but also cash flow analysis, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning, college funding, life transitions, long-term care planning, employee benefits selection, and other scenario planning. 

We will explore your money mindset which is often a product of your personal history with money and work to ensure your plan is aligned with your philosophy on money and life.

We will be your accountability partner and make sure you are taking the agreed upon steps to put your plan into action.

Your Comprehensive Plan Will Include:

Your Comprehensive Plan Will Include:

1. A beautiful customized plan summary presentation including:  
    - your detailed and prioritized action plan covering every
      topic applicable to your financial situation,
    - a snapshot of crucial current values & financial position data,
    - a snapshot of critical future steps and goals,
    - all your cash flows in one elegant slide,
    - a 7-year calendar of important dates.

2. Ongoing access to our client portal:
    - the Software - quickly see the effects of a change.
    - the Vault  - securely share and receive documents with us.
    - Securely link accounts - your information is always up to date.

3. My exclusive Safe Retirement System
    - creates retirement spending guardrails,
    - based on rigorous academic research.

4. Analysis of your most recent tax return & integration with your tax plan

...and more.

Hourly Advice

Prior to the engagement, we will provide you with a “Not to Exceed” engagement price based on estimated work hours.

Our fee is $275 per hour* and for planning-only clients that is our only source of income.

Here are some typical situations and estimated costs*:

Starter Plan

Starter Plan

For single individuals and young couples with no children. We'll get you started with a broad-based plan that reviews and makes recommendations for your cash flow, assets and liabilities, best use of employee benefits, financial goal setting, savings and investments. Your plan will set you on your path to financial security. Plan prices typically range between $2,500 to $4,000.

Mid Career Plan

Mid Career Plan

For mid-career professionals and families. A broad-based plan that includes an analysis of your cash flow, assets and liabilities, insurance review, investments, educational funding, and preparation of a retirement planning model. Your strengths and weaknesses of your current situation are identified along with specific recommendations for moving forward. Plan prices typically range between: $3,300 to $4,800.

The Retiree

The Retiree

For those in or close to retirement. A broad-based plan that provides: a plan for retirement income and the tax-efficient draw-down of your assets, risk and income requirement investment strategies, inheritance/legacy considerations, a retirement planning model, and more. Plan prices have a wider range and typically range between $3,800 to $5,500.

Annual Update

Annual Update

Annual updates and reviews are critical to the financial planning process. We will review your plan components and update as necessary, including investment allocations and progress toward your goals, with specific recommendations to keep your plan on track. Annual updates include ongoing access and advice on items in-scope for the entire year. Fees vary and are based on the anticipated hours needed, usually 2 to 4.

*All price ranges given are a guide. All plans and updates are tailored to your specific needs and it is possible that your pricing may fall above or below the plan range given. Prior to any engagement, specific pricing is fully disclosed and agreed to by all parties.

Not looking for a comprehensive plan?

Maybe you simply want an opinion on the advice that you are already receiving from your current advisor.

Perhaps you have a specific request that is limited in scope and only address one or two specific areas.

We are happy to engage you on a per hour basis to address your specific needs.

*The hourly rate for small and limited scope plans is $300 per hour.

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.   |  703-573-7325