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What Are Our Core Values at Your Best Path Financial Planning?

We use the best available practices of sustainability in our home office.

We save you money and time in transit by doing business virtually and minimizing our overhead costs.


We have no minimum asset or net-worth requirements and no minimum project size.  We believe everyone should have access to quality planning and advice, without exception.

No Product Sales     

We are process-based.  Our goal is to provide knowledge and expertise in developing a plan that is in your best interest and then to assist you in implementing the plan.  We receive no other compensation of any kind, from any source, at any time, other than our fees.

Values-Driven Investing 

We are experts in investing with integrated ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria.  If you wish to invest in this way, we will place your values at the forefront of our screening process.  The evidence is in.  Investing in companies selected by integrating ESG criteria leads to results as good as or better than investing without any screening.  We are uniquely positioned to serve clients interested in this approach, formerly known as SRI (Sustainable, Responsible, and Impact or Socially Responsible Investing.)


You’ll know where you stand financially and what actions will provide you the greatest opportunity for reaching your goals. We offer thoughtful, candid advice, and clear action plans.

Holistic Approach     

We consider the broad view of your financial life, values, and preferences in developing your plan, and we counsel you on how the many factors affecting financial well-being will play out over the course of a lifetime. We define wealth as what is most important to you.


We provide financial advice and planning of the highest quality and care. We reduce conflicts of interest as much as possible and fully disclose any conflicts that we are unable to eliminate.

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