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Your Guide In a Changing Landscape

Your life is complicated and you need a plan to move forward.

You see the need for sustainability, but you wonder if sustainable investing will reduce your returns.

Together, we will 

   - detangle the complexity and organize your finances,

   - protect and grow your assets in alignment with your values,

   - ensure your peace of mind that you are on your best path,

so that you can focus on what you do best and what matters most.

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Our Process

✓ You are in your peak earning years or heading into retirement (when the complexities of your financial life are greatest.)


You want your investments to reflect your values and concerns about environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance.


You are or were a Federal Employee, serve or have served in the US Military.


You receive deferred, equity, or other non-salary compensation (when tax planning is critical.)

Our History

🚫 You are not comfortable sending information electronically and meeting virtually. (I am happy to get to know you over coffee or lunch, but working meetings are usually virtual.)


🚫 You seek help with speculative investments such as cryptocurrencies, frequent trading, or market timing.


🚫 You are so worried about the short term that you find it impossible to prioritize your long-term financial strength. 


🚫 You think planning can be done once and then forgotten about for a few years.

What We Charge: 3 Options - Your Choice

I have noticed that most financial planners and investment managers don't put their fees on their home page - and many don't list them on their website at all. 

At Your Best Path, we are proud to offer a variety of pricing plans. Because we work virtually and don't have the expense of an office, we can offer better value than you are likely to find anywhere else.   

Professional Investment Management plus Comprehensive Planning

For clients that want the complete package: investment management is billed as a percentage of assets, with all of the ongoing comprehensive financial planning services of the long-term relationship included in one bundled fee. 


 * Negotiable.

Would you like to know how much our premium service would cost for your situation? Just enter the value of your investment portfolio in this embedded spreadsheet for a quick calculation.


If you pay a percentage of your assets as a management fee with someone else, let me show you how I can do it better, with more services and greater efficiency.


Long-Term Comprehensive Planning Relationship

Planning relationships are more effective when there is an ongoing relationship because the value of advice increases with time and familiarity.


My fee is 2% of your household income for the first year and 1% each year after that.


You experience our comprehensive planning service that addresses every aspect of your financial life in service of creating your best life possible. You implement our investment recommendations while consistent, timely support and regular reviews are delivered throughout the year.

One-Time Plan

(Validation or Collaboration)

Like a consultant, lawyer, or CPA, I offer an hourly fee for service option.


  • $300/hour for limited-scope financial plans or consultations.

My advice is precise and customized to your situation. Plans may address any of the complete range of financial concerns. 


This option works for individuals or families in one of these categories:

  • Your situation has relatively low complexity.

  • You only need help in one area, such as selecting investments for the long term or managing employee stock options or other equity compensation.

  • You have already put in significant time and effort on your own and need a validator and help in a few spots - some people call this a "sanity check."

Periodic updates are then scheduled at your desired frequency. 

Regardless of the fee option you choose, I am able to incorporate your values into your investment strategy if that is your desire.

Clients that choose to delegate Investment Management to us receive portfolios customized to their unique combination of goals, risk tolerance, tax situation, and values.

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I hope you enjoy exploring my site.

When you are ready, you can click the button below to access my calendar and select a time for us to talk on the phone or meet over Zoom.

There is never a fee or obligation for our time getting to know if we are a good fit to work together. 

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A Nationwide, Virtual Business:

At Your Best Path Financial Planning, we are fully capable of meeting all your client needs via web-based video meetings, secure cloud-based file sharing, and other solutions that have been in place since the foundation of our business. We will never compromise on cyber security and take the utmost care to safeguard your data.

We have been delighted to serve clients from many states, including Alaska, California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and our neighborhoods of Virginia, DC, and Maryland.

We are happy to meet potential clients for coffee or lunch in Virginia, but business meetings are typically conducted virtually.

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