DIY Asset Management

All of our financial planning clients receive the benefit of our recommendations for investments. Many clients come to us for financial planning and then implement these investment recommendations with a discount broker such as Vanguard, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity or Charles Schwab. This two-step approach where we recommend investments and the client opens the account and buys the funds in a guided DIY approach which is best for them. But others want or need more hands-on assistance. Of course, we are honored and humbled by the trust of our clients. We will gladly work with any investor in either a guided DIY approach or as an asset manager.

Is DIY (Do It Yourself) asset management right for you?

  • Generally, if you have less than $250,000 (not including home equity and 401k-type retirement accounts at your current employer), we recommend that you take the guided DIY approach. Our fiduciary duty requires that we point out that the virtue of simplicity and the necessity to reduce cost usually outweighs the benefit of the techniques an asset manager can utilize in smaller portfolios.
  • With this approach you get the benefit of our fund selection advice at our annual or hourly rate. If you have engaged us for a comprehensive plan you already know our recommendations on funds and allocations. If not, we would work with you to plan a portfolio with a handful of low-cost investments, mostly Index Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), matched to your risk tolerance, tax situation, goals, and values. We will then help you to select a discount broker and track your results. This is a good option for anyone and investors at all financial levels have chosen this route.

Does professional asset management makes sense for you?

  • If you fall below the $25 million range you are a good candidate for the type of professional asset management we offer.
  • Next, consider your temperament and experience. If you have had trouble sticking to an investment plan in the past, if fear or greed have been obstacles to making the most of your investment dollars, or if you want the relative simplicity of partnering with a fiduciary advisor whose incentives are aligned with your own, then you should consider hiring us as an asset manager.

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