Your Best Path Financial Planning is Green America Certified

Gordon Achtermann |

Your Best Path Financial Planning is happy to announce that we are now a Green America certified business!

Green America is one of the largest marketplaces in the US for people to find green business. For decades I have been a proud supporter of their mission of building a sustainable economy through offering real alternatives to doing business with polluters, starting in the early '90s when they were known as Co-Op America. I hope you will join me in celebrating this milestone. Please have a look at my page and tell your friends.

You can find my listing here:


Investing does not need to support the degradation of our planet. If you, or anyone you know, has thought about investing in alignment with your values, but worried that you would pay a price in investment gains if you don't do things the old way, we should talk.

Because the evidence is clear and growing - ESG investing (considering Environmental, Social and Governance factors) returns are as good or better than investing without regard to people and the planet. Here is a good summary of recent research.

There is a sea-change in attitudes and approaches and these ideas have even penetrated the minds of Wall Street professionals. Let me show you how to make the most of this megatrend.

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