Why is working with Your Best Path different from working with other Financial Planners or "Wealth Managers?"

First of all, I hate the self-important fake title "Wealth Manager." It's meant to convey a sense of exclusivity that strokes the client's ego and the pride that they can afford to pay a lot for someone to watch their money. Many of my clients are wealthy, but I find that they recognize that making it big requires 3 things: hard work, great colleagues, and luck. A big office and other trappings are irrelevant to our working effectiveness and your financial outcomes.

The human element in finance is actually the difference-maker. The depth of our relationship will determine how accurately we can align your money to support your ideal life.

We know you didn’t come to a financial planning website because you needed a few laughs. However, most of my clients tell me that our interactions are actually enjoyable. I am very serious in my planning, but I am just a person who, like you, likes to have fun and enjoy the warmth of personal connection. I truly like my clients and can go from having a serious planning conversation to sharing a beverage and trading stories afterward. If you’re looking for the stereotypical financial advisors you see with suits on TV Commercials or in Washingtonian Magazine, I'm probably not the best fit for you.